Crystalised_hair_bow_for_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_white_AB_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_black_clear_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_white_clear_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_gold_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_emerald_green_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_orange_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_pink_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_purple_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_red_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish Crystalised_hair_bow_yellow_irish_dancing_hair_accessories_jpeg_idanceirish

Bow of Beauty                                                                                                                             

Utterly Chic, this fabulous bow is literally covered with sparkling crystals.  Such a versatile design, this is perfect to wear at the side of the head with a full wig or your own loose waves or wear with a classic up style created with a Caitlyn Bun wig.  This divine bow is perfect as a stand-alone piece for a touch of dramatic elegance or wear as an added extra along with a Tiara of Headband.  Cute, Classy and Classic, the elaborate detail of this crystallised bow will complement any Irish Dancing costume and any hairstyle for timeless elegance.

      • Versatile and lightweight
      • Easy to fasten, crocodile clip on the back
      • Complements a full wig
      • Beautiful accessory for a loose Curl Bun Wig
      • Suitable for all ages and levels of Irish Dancer
      • Works well as an accessory for a complete Team

Dimensions – 9cm height (3.5 inches) approximately, 10cm (4 inches) width approximately