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Looking for an alternative to the Full Wig?  Want to transform your style to a natural, glamorous up style? The Caitlyn Bun Wig is the perfect Loose Curl Bun Wig for you.

The Caitlyn Loose Curl Bun wig has been designed and manufactured with an unconditional guarantee of quality and elegance.  This versatile style is a popular choice for beginners, teams and Open Championship Level dancers.  Available in a range of colours and 2 sizes

This Bun Wig Features

  • Loose curls giving a great natural look.
  • Softer, Versatile styling
  • Light and easy to wear ( Please see our YouTube video for help with fitting a Caitlyn Bun Wig)
  • Elegant Fashion
  • Available in a range of colours and sizes.
  • Smaller size suitable for children up to age 9.Larger size suitable for age 10 – Senior Ladies

We are the preferred supplier of fantastic, quality wigs to thousands of Irish Dancers and Dance Schools who return time and again to experience the exemplary quality and choice of products along with our first rate individual service. Wigs are as much about comfort and confidence as anything else.  We understand it is important to get a wig that is right for your needs.  All the staff at Idanceirish are highly trained and able to advise on wig styles, colours and wig care.  If you have a question about a particular wig or which style might suit you best, please contact us on ,  or call us +44 (0) 2844 831043

****Wigs can be exchanged if returned in its full original packaging with labels etc. still attached and in a perfect unworn state, within a reasonable time scale.



PLEASE NOTE: To learn how to prepare your hair correctly before putting on the Caityln Loose Curl Bun Wig please refer to our youtube video on how to prepare your hair before putting on the Caityln Bun wig at idanceirish

Please note ;  The teacher requested the child to go slightly lighter than her own hair colouring.