Irish Dancing Socks slipping down during a competition or a perfromance is a big NO NO!!!

Sock Glue will fix this problem!

Sock Glue is one of those amazing products you always wonder how you managed without.  Available in liquid form in an easy to use Roll on bottle, sock glue is an invisible, hypoallergenic, water washable adhesive.  This liquid gel gives a good strong bond you can trust, is resistant to perspiration yet won’t damage the fabric

  • Ideal for holding socks directly to the skin
  • Hypoallergenic, skin safe liquid
  • Easy to apply with a Roll On Bottle
  • Designed to be comfortable, it stays flexible to move with your skin
  • Can be easily removed and washed off the skin with soap and water, no scrubbing required
  • A Best Seller to the Irish Dance Community