Hair_Vine_stoned_headband_irish_dancing_white_idanceirish_jpeg Hair_Vine_stoned_headband_irish_dancing_blue_idanceirish_jpeg Hair_Vine_stoned_headband_irish_dancing_idanceirish_jpeg Hair_Vine_stoned_headband_irish_dancing_gold_idanceirish_jpeg Hair_Vine_stoned_headband_irish_dancing_orange_idanceirish_jpeg Hair_Vine_stoned_headband_irish_dancing_pink_idanceirish_jpeg Hair_Vine_stoned_headband_irish_dancing_red_idanceirish_jpeg

A fabulous, versatile hair piece giving oodles of grace and charm to echo vintage glamour and classic beauty.  This floral, crystal hair piece can be worn simply at the side of the dancer's own hair, their Irish Dancing Wig or cupping a side or back bun wig.

It is softly dramatic, yet delicate -   a simply stunning way to dress your hair style

  • Flexible
  • Easily attached with side loops at each end
  • 7cm wide (at its widest point)
  • 23cm Long
  • Fully Crystallised
  • Light Weight