Flexi Pro Heavy Shoe
Flexi Pro Heavy Shoe Flexi Pro Heavy Shoe Flexi Pro Heavy Shoe Flexi Pro Heavy Shoe

*The design of the Flexi Pro ids currently being updated so we may be out of stock of some sizes until the new design is available*

A popular jig shoe in the Irish Dancing world.

The Flexi Pro is a flexible black suede sole jig shoe with Thunder tips and Atlantic Bróg heels.  They are fitted with Atlantic Bróg  white straps.

Please note that this model is extremely flexible and has been designed to be very responsive.  As such they should not be expected to last as long as jig shoes with more a robust construction.

Shipment and Delivery may take 1-2 weeks

Please note we suggest a half size to full size smaller than your street shoes.  The shoes, however, do stretch and if fitted very tightly may stretch over the back of the heel causing the back of the heel to slip off.  This can be corrected by using tape if you want a tight fit. 

Shoes can be exchanged as long as they haven’t been worn and are brand new.

Shoes will benefit from regular polishing to help keep the leather looking clean and new especially as tape can remove the upper coat of leather and leave the shoes looking scuffed.

When taking your shoes off, we recommend opening both the laces fully and the straps so that the heel support and leather isn’t damaged by pulling them off.

Please Note: There may be a 2 weeks or more of a delay for delivery of this item. Please contact us for definite timeline. Currently supply can be deleted from the manufacturer.