Doughnut_Bun_Maker_for_hair_up-style_irish_dancing_wig_jpeg Doughnut_Bun_Maker_black_hair_up-style_irish_dancing_wig_jpeg Doughnut_Bun_Maker_blonde_hair_up-style_irish_dancing_wig_jpeg Doughnut_Bun_Maker_brown/red_hair_up-style_jpeg

Hair Doughnut               

To create an effortless Irish Dancing Bun or to give your full wig the correct height and shape, use a Hair Doughnut (also known as a hair donut or sponge or Bun ring).

The Hair Doughnut goes under the Irish Dancing Wig to lift and shape the wig in all the right ways.  All you need is the Hair Donut, some hair clips and some hair spray.

Please see our video for the correct way to prep your hair and use a hair Doughnut when  putting on an Irish Dancing Wig .