Special offer Fays ultra lights

Ultra Light Fays Jig Shoe

  1. Free socks
  2. free laces
  3. free tape

Child size 10 - Adult Size 6.5

Everyone struggles to break in new Heavy Shoes. 

Do you want to say goodbye to Blisters?

Then try the Fays Ultra Lights Heavy Shoe now.                                                                                    

The thinner leather upper means there is absolutely no breaking in time, no blisters and no waiting for the sole to soften.

This Shoe Features

  • Ultra Lights are the lightest of all Fays Heavy Shoes
  • Designed for dancers who do not want to have to break in New Shoes
  • Heel Stiffeners have been reduced to avoid blisters
  • No toe puff so great low profile look from the side
  • Made from more light weight and flexible materials enabling toe stands from time of purchase
  • Fays Ultra Lights come with High Tech Heels for that extra Sharp Sound


This shoe is proving extremely popular with Open Championship Irish dancers.  However due to the lightweight nature of this jig shoe we do not recommend it for less experienced dancers or those who require more support.

We suggest ordering a half size smaller than your street shoe if you require a tighter fit and are an experienced Irish Dancer