Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_Multi_Color_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_Green_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_Orange_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_Pink_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_Purple_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_Red_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_turquoise_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_yellow_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg Irish_Dance_Heavy_Shoe_jig_blue_Coloured_Buckle_idanceirish_jpeg
$13.00 $16.00

Wild disco Buckles are all the rage.  Available in a range of dazzling coloured centres, you can pick a pair to suit your own personal style.                                                                                                              

The traditional square Buckle is given a modern twist with the coloured disco centre.                          

There is a pair to complement every colour of Irish Dancing dress.                                                                      

These square Irish Dancing Buckles can be quickly fixed to the front of the jig shoe by threading the shoe laces through the arm brace at the back of the buckle.                                                                                                        

See our YouTube video for further help and direction in fixing your Irish Dancing Heavy Shoe Buckles correctly