Pump Face Mask with a Beautiful Jojo Bow jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_pink_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_purple_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_burgundy_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_light_green_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_navy_blue_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_orange_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_red_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_royal_blue_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_white_jpeg_idanceirish jojo_Siwa_bow_hair_style_irish_dancing_stunning_yellow_jpeg_idanceirish

We have the perfect Irish Dancing Gift for you! The Pump Face Mask with a Beautiful Jojo Bow make a beautiful Dance Accessory or dance gift for anyone who loves Irish Dancing.

So you're a big fan of Jojo Siwa and you just love to dance. We don't blame you. Jojo is a global sensation, known for her amazing dancing talent on the World TV show "Dance Moms" and she has become a household name across the world.

Sporting her gorgeous girly bows, she's the dancer to follow and now you can get your very own Jojo inspired bow here at idanceirish.

Get the classic Jojo look with this super fun, large hair bow available in a variety of bold and bright colours.

  • Bow is attached to a covered metal clip making it really easy to wear
  • Large, bright and bold in two sizes: 8 inches and 6 inches
  • Super fun for all types of dance
  • Perfect for casual wear
  • Perfect for Dance Wear
  • Perfect for school wear
  • Super versatile
  • Super Fun